3 1/2 " Vertical Boiler


Diameter 3.5 " (87mm)
Height excluding chimney 6" (150mm)
Flue tube diameter 1.5" (38mm)
Number of cross tubes 6
Outer shell thickness 16G (1.6mm)
Approximate capacity 750ml
Max working pressure 60psi (4bar)
Test pressure 120psi (8 bar)
Weight including burner 1.3kg
Burner head diameter 1.125 " (28mm).
Fuel Butane or butane/propane mix.
3 off 1/4"x40tpi bushes in front for water gauge and pressure gauge.
1 off 1/4"x40tpi bush in boiler side for check valve.
1 off 5/16"x32tpi bush in boiler top for safety valve.
2 off 1/4"x40tpi bushes in boiler top, 1 for steam take off, 1 spare.
Esitmated steam output 450 cu ins/min (7374ml/min) at 50psi.


The boiler is supplied with a burner, safety valve, water gauge, check valve, pressure gauge, steam outlet valve and a 6" long chimney. The burner has a pipe nut and nipple suitable for 1/8" or 3mm diameter pipe. The steam valve is supplied with a nipple for 5/32" or 4mm diameter pipe, a 1/8" nipple can be provided instead if required. A mounting flange with four 3mm holes is now fitted to this boiler (not shown in pictures).



Boiler complete with all fittings shown above £380.00





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