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As I announced in January, I intend to retire this year. That time is now fast approaching and I am now giving notice that I will be closing the order book at the end of May 2015. I will fullfill any orders received before 31st May. I will, of course, also continue to provide ongoing support for all my products for the forseeable future.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of my clients for their custom and support and for the many kind comments I have received over the years, both directly to me and through many of the online forums. I am proud to say that the success of Maccsteam has been down to the products I sell and the service I offer. I have never had to advertise my products, word of mouth advertising based on reputation is far more effective.

Now, where did I put that 4" Burrell showmans engine? Oh there it is, taking up all the space in the middle of my workshop.

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