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Over the last six years I have made almost 700 boilers of all sizes and types together with 500 gas tanks. What started out as a hobby job to earn a bit of money to pay for holidays has turned into a full time business which occupies my time 7 days a week. The time has now come to rationalise the business in order to regain some of my life whilst continuing to offer the same high standards of service for which, I am proud to say, Maccsteam has become known. To this end I have decided to concentrate on my range of marine boilers and gas tanks and to cease production of all types of locomotive boilers, including Gauge 1 and 16mm. I will still supply boiler fittings and burners but only those that I fit to my marine boilers. I will no longer be offering custom made burners.

I will be updating the website over the next few weeks to reflect these changes and will also include some up to date pictures of the marine boilers, together with details of some new boilers that I will be offering.

To all my customers, thank you for your continuing support.

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September 2012





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