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At last I have managed to get around to updating the website to include the new "Kingdon" type boilers. I have made a number of these for my customers and they seem to be well received. Another new boiler which I can now offer is a 3" Horizontal. This is in response to customers who want to use engines like the Graham Industries TVR1A in their boats but haven't got room for the 3 1/2" boiler. The output from the 3" will be similar to the 3 1/2" but obviously the run time from a single fill will be reduced. The boiler is 5" long and 3" diameter. . Also on offer is a short 4" boiler. This is 5" long and will have a similar output to the standard 4". It is ideal for anyone struggling to get a standard 4" boiler into their hull Contact me for price and availability of any of the above. I will try and get photographs of all of the new boilers on the website but don't hold me to it.

On another note. Having now made over 900 boilers and 600 gas tanks, I intend retiring later this year. If anyone would like to take over please contact me and we can discuss it.

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